Why I Like Restaurants

I probably enjoy restaurants more than most other people do. I love to try different types of foods and I am not much of a cook myself. I find it too time consuming to shop for the ingredients, cook the food, and then have to clean up after I am done. I regularly meet with a couple of friends at a restaurant for lunch on a weekly basis. We have a great time hanging out together and enjoying the food.

Most of the time we have a great experience at the restaurant we have chosen. Of course we have had to go through plenty of trials in order to compile a list of where we will get a great meal as well as all of the other elements to go along with it. Even if the food is good, I am not willing to sit in a restaurant that isn’t clean, doesn’t offer friendly service, or where I feel like I am paying too much for the food I just ate.

Of course there are some restaurants where I really miss their food, but I can do without it due to the let down of the overall experience. I don’t like it when the employees aren’t friendly, the tables aren’t clean, or when I have waited all day to order a particular item off of the menu and they are out of it. Since we often go out for lunch, I have to get back to work at a set time. If it takes most of it for me to order and to get my food then it doesn’t leave much time to enjoy eating it.

Too many restaurant owners simply don’t understand what it is that attracts me and others to their business. They seem to think if they are great cooks then people should be lined up to get inside. Well, I will tell you that good food is only part of the equation. If I am going to pay the money that I have worked so hard for, I want to have an experience that is wonderful.

Since I know leaving a restaurant is going to cost me money that is in my wallet, I want to have some confidence in the establishment where I am going. Consistently offering customers a quality experience from the moment they enter a restaurant should be the goal of every owner. This is the best way to get word of mouth advertising in your favor to take place. There is also the chance that it won’t be positive information that is being passed along if you aren’t focuses on all of the needs of the customers.

I enjoy traveling a great deal as well so I get to try out new restaurants. I will often base my decision on what I am in the mood for. Sometimes I am attracted to those that are a chain operation. I know exactly what I will be getting and I know I am going to enjoy it. However, I have had experiences at these types of chain restaurants that I wasn’t happy with so there is no guarantee.

I do keep track of the restaurants I visit while I travel. I love to share my opinion about them both online and with other people I know. The overall package is what I am looking for with a restaurant. I think many other people are looking for that same thing. Good food is important but the establishment, the service, and the prices are important to people as well.

There is too much competition out there for restaurants not to cover all the basis elements. Offering a delicious menu is just one aspect of the business to focus on. There are many other pieces of the overall puzzle that have to be in place for it all to work out. I love restaurants and eating out, but I will only be spending my time and money in those establishments that have plenty to offer me.

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