Why I Like Restaurants

I probably enjoy restaurants more than most other people do. I love to try different types of foods and I am not much of a cook myself. I find it too time consuming to shop for the ingredients, cook the food, and then have to clean up after I am done. I regularly meet with a couple of friends at a restaurant for lunch on a weekly basis. We have a great time hanging out together and enjoying the food.

Most of the time we have a great experience at the restaurant we have chosen. Of course we have had to go through plenty of trials in order to compile a list of where we will get a great meal as well as all of the other elements to go along with it. Even if the food is good, I am not willing to sit in a restaurant that isn’t clean, doesn’t offer friendly service, or where I feel like I am paying too much for the food I just ate.

Of course there are some restaurants where I really miss their food, but I can do without it due to the let down of the overall experience. I don’t like it when the employees aren’t friendly, the tables aren’t clean, or when I have waited all day to order a particular item off of the menu and they are out of it. Since we often go out for lunch, I have to get back to work at a set time. If it takes most of it for me to order and to get my food then it doesn’t leave much time to enjoy eating it.

Too many restaurant owners simply don’t understand what it is that attracts me and others to their business. They seem to think if they are great cooks then people should be lined up to get inside. Well, I will tell you that good food is only part of the equation. If I am going to pay the money that I have worked so hard for, I want to have an experience that is wonderful.

Since I know leaving a restaurant is going to cost me money that is in my wallet, I want to have some confidence in the establishment where I am going. Consistently offering customers a quality experience from the moment they enter a restaurant should be the goal of every owner. This is the best way to get word of mouth advertising in your favor to take place. There is also the chance that it won’t be positive information that is being passed along if you aren’t focuses on all of the needs of the customers.

I enjoy traveling a great deal as well so I get to try out new restaurants. I will often base my decision on what I am in the mood for. Sometimes I am attracted to those that are a chain operation. I know exactly what I will be getting and I know I am going to enjoy it. However, I have had experiences at these types of chain restaurants that I wasn’t happy with so there is no guarantee.

I do keep track of the restaurants I visit while I travel. I love to share my opinion about them both online and with other people I know. The overall package is what I am looking for with a restaurant. I think many other people are looking for that same thing. Good food is important but the establishment, the service, and the prices are important to people as well.

There is too much competition out there for restaurants not to cover all the basis elements. Offering a delicious menu is just one aspect of the business to focus on. There are many other pieces of the overall puzzle that have to be in place for it all to work out. I love restaurants and eating out, but I will only be spending my time and money in those establishments that have plenty to offer me.

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Is A Restaurant Franchise Right For You?

People tend to gravitate towards what it familiar, they want to know they can trust what they are going to get. When it comes to eating out, people don’t want to waste their hard earned money on foods that aren’t delicious. It can be hard to motivate people to try something new in this particular niche. Many individuals struggle to decide if they want to open their own restaurant and offer their own menu or go with a chain name that people quickly recognize.

The amount of consumers you are automatically going to have access to due to being a chain restaurant just can’t be beat. People are motivated by what they like, and if they don’t know anything about your business is it going to be difficult to get them through the door. You will have to work hard to advertise and depend on word of mouth before that trickle of people turns into a steady flow.

Yet not all of the publicity that comes from franchise restaurants is positive. I am sure you have heard plenty of stories in the news and online lately. Such incidents are quite isolated but they still have a huge impact on all of the franchise locations. It takes time to regain the trust of consumers. In the mean time you may have to struggle with the fact that your business revenue has decreased substantially. Give it time though and the incident will likely pass.

Many people are afraid to start their own business because they have read plenty of material that tells then more than half fail. While these statistics are true, don’t let them prevent you from following your dreams. That statistic also means that half of them didn’t fail – and you have a good chance of being in that group since you are carefully doing research instead of jumping in right away.

With a chain restaurant, you will get plenty of guidance and training. They will make sure you have all the key elements you need to be a successful business owner. You may find this to offer you the encouragement you need to move forward with opening your own business. Keep in mind that your individuality will be limited with this type of business operation though.

You may find that to get into a franchise restaurant you have to come up with thousands of dollars. The specifics will depend on the type of franchise you are interested in. There is also the reality that they may not approve you to start up a franchise. They may not feel that you are qualified or that it is a good location. There is security in a franchise restaurant though as fewer of them fail than independent restaurants.

Some restaurant owner’s are very disappointed with a chain restaurant image. They feel that they lose their individuality in the process. You will be very limited in advertising and ways that you manage your business. You may have to provide specific types of uniforms and a specific type of layout for the design of the business. You won’t be able to decorate it to suit your tastes.

Operating a franchise restaurant works well for some people but not for others. This isn’t something you can jump into and then easily get out of. Therefore you really need to do your homework in advance. Don’t get caught up in the image of the franchise restaurant that you know. Dig deeper to find out what is going on behind the scenes. You will likely only get one shot at a successful restaurant whether it is a franchise or not. Take your time to make it a very successful restaurant.

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Restaurant Uniforms: Image Is Everything In The Food Service Industry

In the restaurant industry, image is everything. The kitchen and waitstaff is the image of a restaurant. If an employee comes in and is wearing a dirty or unkept uniform, it is not putting forth a good image of the restaurant.

It is a common occurrence for employees to have unclean uniforms, but they are simply sent home. If it happens frequently, they are let go.

Most people visiting restaurants use all of their senses to evaluate the establishment in which they visit. Sight, sound, taste and smell will allow them decide if they will return again. When a waiter comes to the table and the consumer see that his or her uniform is pressed and white, they get the impression of cleanliness.

When a waiter comes to the table to take an order and his or her uniform is stained and smelly, they simple order coffee and then leave. It gives the impression of an unclean establishment and that sanitary conditions may not be the first propriety. It is doubtful that they will return.

For a restaurant, word of mouth is very important. Negative remarks tend to be remembered more than positive ones.

To promote positive hygiene and cleanliness habits when it comes to restaurant uniforms, set code of conduct rules for the establishment. It should be established that all uniforms are to be cleaned and pressed.

Some restaurant owners realize that the cost of dry-cleaning may be a hardship for their employees, and offer to have the uniforms cleaned at the restaurants expense.

Some restaurants feel that it is not appropriate to wear perfume while working, as some consumers are allergic to them.

A wrinkled uniform gives the impression of untidiness among staff. It is an indication the restaurant is does not care about cleanliness. Some restaurants have their restaurant uniform made out of polyester. This help to avoid wrinkles, appearing much neater.

It is well all known that a dirty restaurant uniform as is unpreventable. By the end of a long workday, almost everything that was served over the course of the night ends up on a restaurant uniform. But it is unacceptable at the start of the workday. If your kitchen staff any amount of time in the dining room, make sure they change into clean uniforms before they go out to greet the customers. Additionally, if an employee is serving meat at a buffet table, have additional uniforms ready to change into.

A uniform code should be part of your hiring and training policies. A uniform that looks old dirty or in tatters, speaks subconsciously to your customers in the restaurant and about the person wearing it. Unfortunately, the customers see a dirty, unkempt uniform as a extension of your overall business, and usually that image is what they will remember about their experience in your restaurant. On the other hand, a clean uniform says the exact opposite: A neat and clean atmosphere, impressively dressed waitstaff.

By initiating a policy on clean restaurant uniforms will assist in the overall image of a business. Some employees feel that if they are enough of an asset, the disciplinary measures that will be taken will be minimum. It is critical to the well being of any restaurant. It’s a policy that is very easy to enforce and maintain. Clean uniforms send the message that this is a clean restaurant in the eyes of your customers, which is a wonderful reason for them to keep coming back.

A restaurant uniform is usually pressed white pleated pants with a pressed white jacket and a pressed white shirt. For women, it is a pressed white blouse and pressed white skirt. A white apron can be worn it is decided by the establishment. The aprons can be long or short. This is also decided by the establishment. This is not always the case.

In some establishments that have a theme to them, the restaurant uniform will take on the theme. Some customers feel this is a fun relaxing way to spend the evening.

Many establishments that are child orientated have cartoon characters as waitstaff. The children do not feel intimidated by the waitstaff, and they are more relaxed. Some even have mascots.

There are clubs and bars and pubs that have restaurant uniform, these restaurant uniforms usually consist of low cut blouses and short skirts. These were designed to keep the patrons happy and most of all buying drinks.

An inventive entrepreneur can take an abandoned building and turn it into a thriving restaurant. With a theme, the waitstaff is everything. There have been some who have taken abandoned jails and turned them into thriving restaurants. In each jail cell there was a table that seats four. Low lighting increased the ambiance of the restaurant. Waiters and waitress’ restaurant uniforms were those of guards. The “Warden” of the prison was the host who sat the customers.

They are waiters and theme players; there restaurant uniform depicts what they are. This type of restaurant is popping up across the United States.

A restaurant uniform can say a lot about a facility. Depending upon the region of the world that the restaurant is in.

For regions where the temperature is quite hot, wait staff uniforms consist of a white long sleeve cotton shirt with a tie and vest. The pants for the restaurant are black pleated pants and black dress shoes. The vests can be interchanged with jackets, but the pants always remain black. The jackets that are worn are come in different colors signifying the position of the wearer.

For some restaurants, their uniforms have been time tested. McDonald’s restaurant chain has had the some color restaurant uniforms for decades. They have recently hired some of the top designers in the country to redesign their restaurant uniforms.

Tommy Hilfiger Russell Simmons, and P. Diddy have agreed to make the restaurant uniforms more modern. The estimated cost for this is eighty million dollars. McDonald’s will replace all of the restaurant uniforms in every store in the country.

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